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The RAway invites you on a journey of self-discovery.


Your most authentic self is not out there waiting to be found - it is inside of you right now, ready to be unleashed. The RAway empowers you to reconnect with your authentic qualities, shed patterns built up over the years, and find true fulfillment in every area of life.

The RAway = The Real Authentic Way.

Many of us find ourselves stuck on a carousel, where our automatic choices lead us back to the same obstacle again and again. It can feel exhausting, frustrating, and drama-filled. But in the RAway, we believe our biggest obstacle is also our greatest gift.


The RAway empowers those who choose it to break free of these patterns and see obstacles not as challenges, but as opportunities to grow. Cultivating a space where curiosity, authenticity, and connection can thrive, The RAway provides a clear, actionable path to operating at your highest and truest potential.

Are you ready to go the RAway?



Sandra Orellana and Os Alvarez co-founded the RAway as a proven methodology inviting deeper self-awareness and empowerment for individuals and businesses alike. Their singular blend of coaching styles - drawing on traditional and alternative methods, growth frameworks, and meditation - is at the heart of The RAway.


Drawing on past experiences of living within limiting patterns, cycles of drama, and sabotaging self-doubt, Sandra and Os decided to create the RAway after feeling its benefits in their own lives, and seeing the deep and lasting effects of its methodologies with clients in their private practices.


As coaches and humans, they commit to their authentic selves at all cost, and they empower their clients to do the same. 


Learn about their story here.

The RAway Experience


Wherever you are on your journey, The RAway welcomes you with multiple tiers of experiences.


With virtual workshops and masterminds, one-on-one coaching, and curated retreats, your coaches and guides design each experience centered around personal growth. No matter which experience you choose, The RAway will bring you closer to your truest, most authentic self.

Which experience is right for me?

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