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Real, Authentic Progress

Individual Coaching

Executive Coaching

Leadership Teams

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

As your coach, guide, and witness, The RAway’s purpose is to accompany you on the path to re-discovering your greatest gift: yourself. We will use emotions not as enemies to be defeated, but as guides with wisdom to be honored. Helping you shed the patterns and beliefs that hide and limit your true potential, individual coaching centers on revealing the authentic strengths, desires, and qualities within.

You Will Gain:

  • SELF-AWARENESS: Free from blind spots and limiting patterns, you will discover your authentic self: allowing you to live, work, and find fulfillment as your highest version.

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Rise above resisting or falling victim to emotions. Instead, you will understand and honor these feelings as important information, allowing you to communicate authentically with yourself and others

  • EMPOWERMENT: As you grow in awareness, acceptance, and self-love, you will step into the driver’s seat, advocating for your own life and future, co-creating the vision and purpose you truly desire and deserve.

  • ENERGETIC FREEDOM: Accepting yourself for who you truly are will inspire you to care for yourself better - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Unlike other methods which place self-love after transformation, in the RAWay we find that self-love inspires deep and transformative self-care.

  • REAL AUTHENTIC PROGRESS: You will actually move forward on your journey of self-acceptance, awareness, and love. You will become equipped with your coach’s tools, and guidance, driving towards the goal of flying solo as the best version of yourself.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

“If you don’t master the art of fulfillment, you could be making all the money in the world, but you still feel like something is missing. And you will find the same dramas, same patterns, same results. In an environment of trust, the masks come off. We are able to see ourselves and allow others to see us as who we really are. It creates an ecosystem where you begin to truly flourish.” —Os Alvarez, Life & Business Strategist

The RAway Executive Coaching is a journey of co-elevation designed for business leaders looking to ignite growth in their business by starting within.

Os’s proven methodology combines business growth tools, leadership development, and deep emotional coaching to unlock:

  • PEACE: Instead of focusing on what life is doing to you, discover what it does for you. With this mindset, you will meet each new challenge not as a struggle, but as an opportunity for growth.

  • RENEWED ENERGY & PURPOSE: Discover where your focus is being wasted, empowering you to reclaim your energy and use it to create solutions, instead of reacting to situations.

  • MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS: Move, speak, and create a path forward from your heart: your authentic center. Connect with others from this place and watch your relationships flourish.

  • INTERNAL & EXTERNAL ALIGNMENT: Align deeply with your authentic purpose. As this purpose and your core values come to life, watch your teams, clients, customers, and partners align as well - and watch those who don’t simply fall away.

Leadership Teams

Leadership Teams

“I believe extraordinary happens when we challenge the status quo; by creating a co-elevation energy based on trust, we can get outside the box and find better ways to operate in life and in business. Cultivating a space where authenticity and connection can thrive, I take teams on a journey to master accomplishment and fulfillment.” —Os Alvarez, RAway Co-Founder and CEO

The RAway Coaching for Leadership Teams is a proven methodology developed by RAway Co-Founder and CEO, Os Alvarez. Bringing his experience as an entrepreneur and business owner to his coaching, Os empowers CEOs and leadership teams to build trust, connect to authenticity, and operate at their highest level in business and life. The proven process invites deeper self-awareness as a means of improving communication, time and energy management, and profitability, all while mastering the art of fulfillment in every area of life. Os is a Certified Business Coach with Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches and a Certified Meditation Instructor with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

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