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Our Story


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Sandra Orellana and Os Alvarez co-founded The RAway as a proven methodology inviting deeper self-awareness and empowerment for individuals and businesses alike. Their singular blend of coaching styles - drawing on traditional and alternative methods, growth frameworks, and meditation - is at the heart of The RAway.


Drawing on past experiences of living within limiting patterns, cycles of drama, and sabotaging self-doubt, Sandra and Os decided to create the RAway after feeling its benefits in their own lives, and seeing the deep and lasting effects of its methodologies with clients in their private practices.


As coaches and humans, they commit to their authentic selves at all costs, and they empower their clients to do the same.


Your Coaches


Sandra Orellana

Co-Founder and COO

Sandra’s story begins with an eleven-year battle with herself. Stuck in the gap between other’s expectations and her own, she repeated a pattern of running away from herself that resulted in self-doubt, inauthentic choices, stress, and health issues.


Out of that exhaustion came a realization: “I just want to be free.” Through her deeply personal process of self-acceptance and healing, Sandra was laying the foundation for what would become The Real Authentic Way - or The RAway.


“Running away from my essence to then come back to it, vowing that I was going to unapologetically be me, that was the medicine I needed and my biggest offering to the world. When I tapped into my true talents, why I am here, I discovered it was my journey to help other people along their paths, to support and inspire others to go Raw.”


Now, Sandra brings this experience to her work as an author, public speaker, and emotional coach. As co-founder and COO of the RAway, Sandra draws on her emotional coaching background to guide clients on their journey of self-discovery. She is a Registered Clinical Social Worker based in Miami, Florida.


The techniques she offers are used to:

  • Discover unique and authentic qualities and skills

  • Practice self-acceptance and unconditional self-love

  • Transform the perception of traumatic events into peace, acceptance, and powerful meaning

  • Bring awareness to blind spots

  • Transform problems and conflicts into opportunities for learning and growth

  • Use feelings as guides, not obstacles

  • Replace destructive beliefs and/or patterns with empowering and useful ones

  • Find purpose and self-fulfillment


Os Alvarez

Co-Founder and CEO

Os’s journey to The RAway began as an entrepreneur. As an owner, operator, and partner in several large business ventures, he embodied what are often thought of as markers of success. But despite that, underneath, Os found himself feeling trapped and unfulfilled.


After years of these patterns, and with the help of an incredible group of peers and leaders, Os found his path out and towards his authentic self and purpose: elevating business leaders and teams so they, too, can unearth their authenticity, connect from the heart, and master accomplishment and fulfillment in every area of life.


The CEOs, founders, and leadership teams Os works with praise his ability to facilitate a space of trust, commitment, clear vision, and creation by embracing the principle of co-elevation; the exponential growth effect that occurs when two or more high-intentioned people collaborate to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Oswaldo is a Certified Chopra Center Meditation Instructor, a Hoffman Institute Graduate, and holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Yale University.

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