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Unconditional Self Love: A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Love Yourself

  • What does ‘unconditional’ really mean? In this workshop tailored toward female leaders of all walks, The RAway Co-Founder Sandra helps to break down all the ‘conditions’ we build around our self-worth. Grow alongside a cohort of women from all over the world in this interactive two-hour workshop, looking deeply into your past, your patterns, and your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself.

  • We Will Experience:

    • Clarity on the difference between Conditional Self-Love and Unconditional Self-Love

    • An invitation and guide to forgiving past wounds and open to complete self-acceptance

    • Structured, facilitated conversations with other women who have been in your shoes

    • Tools to communicate with yourself and others for moments of self-doubt and self-sabotage, grow as an individual, and deepen in love for yourself

    • A guided visualization to connect with your most authentic self


Coffee with You

  • An invitation to business leaders to sit down for a coffee with your business’s most important asset: yourself. When was the last time you truly had a coffee with yourself - checking in, listening, loving yourself, and asking some of the most meaningful questions in life?

  • Who am I, and who have I become?

  • How do I reconnect with my true self?

  • What does life want from me?

  • How do I recapture my energy and align it with a purpose-driven life?

  • How does my life’s purpose feed my business and vice versa?

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