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Journeys of Self-Discovery

The RAway’s Retreats are immersive, intimate, and intentionally designed to provide you with the time, space, and experiences to reconnect with your authentic self and return to life as this highest version. Using a blend of traditional and alternative tools, coaching frameworks, and meditation, The RAway retreats cultivate a space where connection and authenticity can thrive, and where transformational work happens in the heart of nature.


Shed the armor built up in life, work, and relationships. Connect with others on their own journeys of self-discovery. Emerge with deeper self-awareness and a commitment to carry your authentic strengths, qualities, and desires back home. End the retreat with a new beginning, noticing your personal growth in areas of communication, physical energy, and ownership of emotions, allowing you to co-create the future you desire and deserve.

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The Real Authentic Way Retreat

Become Your Best and Most Authentic Self Even if You’re Not Sure Where to Start!

The Real Authentic Way Retreat is for personal growth seekers in search of their true selves in order to regain control of their lives. The Real Authentic Way Retreat will show you how to experience that breakthrough to expose subconscious patterns that keep you from being the best version of yourself.



“I went to Costa Rica to become a better leader for my business and gain clarity on my next steps. When I returned home, I was in a position to show up as a better leader; not only for my business, but in my life overall. I returned with a genuine new support system, tools to handle situations I’m continuously faced with in a different way, and the ability to navigate daily life from a place of raw authenticity. I have already seen the return on my investment, in terms of both time and money.”

Chelsea Nolan, 2020 Summit Attendee & Owner, Seen Dynamic Communication

“I attended an extraordinary two-day retreat created by Oswaldo. It was an amazing and transformative experience positively impacting both my emotional and physical states. As a result, I fundamentally changed some daily practices and am much better off for it. I cannot wait for the next retreat. Thank you, Oswaldo.”


“I am still grateful to have experienced not only nature at its finest but also our group. [The coaching] contributed to better communication skills not only with my partner and friends but will also reflect in my communication with clients in terms of non-judging, open-heartedness, clarity and authenticity.”

Christine Matthai, 2020 Summit Attendee & Independent Artist

“One of the greatest experiences of my life, it truly exceeded my expectations. Covered a lot of important topics. I like that a variety of activities were used, from restorative yoga techniques, facilitated small group sessions to breath work. I appreciated how safe the environment felt, no pressure to share or feeling of judgement allowing me to get out of my comfort zone.”

Raymond Mobayed, CEO, 4IT

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