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As your coach, guide, and witness, 
The Raway’s purpose is to
accompany you on the path
to re-discovering your greatest gift: 


We will use emotions,
not as enemies to be defeated,

but as guides with wisdom to be honored,

helping you shed
the patterns and beliefs
that hide and limit your true potential.

Individual coaching
centers on

revealing the authentic
strengths, desires, and qualities

Real Authentic Progress

Equip yourself with our tools and guidance, striving to become the best version of yourself.

Emotional Intelligence

Rise above emotional resistance, honoring and communicating feelings with yourself and others.


Discover your authentic self, free from blind spots and limiting patterns, for a fulfilling life and work.

Energetic Freedom

Accept yourself and care for your well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Advocate for your life and future, co-creating the vision and purpose you deserve.


In my Deep Dive with Sandra, I embarked on a humbling voyage of self-discovery. It was a journey that went deep into the core of my being, uncovering layers of my true desires, exposing the patterns that were holding me back, and shedding light on the obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my goals. Sandra's skillful guidance helped me discern between genuine roadblocks and mere distractions, allowing me to gain invaluable clarity.

Jennifer Cruz, Founder & CEO at Eastern Acupuncture & Wellness

Let’s get started today.


individual sessions

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