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Despite the facade of a perfect life, Sandra battled with profound unhappiness during her formative years.

This internal struggle fueled her deep dive into the study of human behavior, driven by a quest to uncover new pathways to happiness and fulfillment. 

 Captivated by her discoveries in psychology, and hungry for more, Sandra refined her comprehensive toolbox, integrating innovative healing modalities to guide others on their transformative paths.

Her multifaceted journey, including ventures into entrepreneurship and book publishing, laid the groundwork for The Raway.

Sandra’s toolkit

From vision-building techniques to dynamic methods like SandPlay, Sandra offers a diverse array of resources that cater to both the conscious and subconscious mind, fostering a shift in mindset.

Sandra uses

sandplay therapy

integrating this powerful method into her coaching practice to facilitate deeper self-discovery and intentional growth.

Sandra offers

A master’s in clinical social work,

a bachelor’s in psychology,

continued education in alternative healing modalities, and

15+ years of private practice experience.


Sandra came highly recommended and still exceeded expectations! all I can say WOW, what a great experience. our group of seven entrepreneurs held our first offsite retreat with the aim of getting closer and growing as a collective. Sandra didn't just facilitate a fantastic day; she transformed us. The exercises she facilitated were eye and heart opening, and we loved the yoga, breath work and even ice plunges too! I still think of the exercises she led us through that day and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking growth and connection in a safe, respectful environment. Sharing intense emotions felt natural and trusting with Sandra, and our group couldn't be more grateful for the invaluable time spent with her. - Thank you Sandra!

Andy Amendola, Author & Marketing Director


Sandra Orellana

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