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As your coach, guide, and witness, 
The Raway’s purpose is to
accompany you on the path
to re-discovering your greatest gift: 


We will use emotions,
not as enemies to be defeated,

but as guides with wisdom to be honored,

helping you shed
the patterns and beliefs
that hide and limit your true potential.

Individual coaching

centers on

authentic strengths, desires, and qualities 

Real Authentic Progress

Equip yourself with our tools and guidance, striving to become the best version of yourself.

Emotional Intelligence

Rise above emotional resistance, honoring and communicating feelings with yourself and others.


Discover your authentic self, free from blind spots and limiting patterns, for a fulfilling life and work.

Energetic Freedom

Accept yourself and care for your well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Advocate for your life and future, co-creating the vision and purpose you deserve.


In my Deep Dive with Sandra, I embarked on a humbling voyage of self-discovery. It was a journey that went deep into the core of my being, uncovering layers of my true desires, exposing the patterns that were holding me back, and shedding light on the obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my goals. Sandra's skillful guidance helped me discern between genuine roadblocks and mere distractions, allowing me to gain invaluable clarity.

Jennifer Cruz, Founder & CEO at Eastern Acupuncture & Wellness

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executive sessions

Our proven methodology
business growth tools, 
leadership development, and 
deep emotional coaching. 

designed for business leaders 
looking to ignite growth in their business by starting within.

Is this you?

Real Peace

Shift mindset from ‘life happening to you’, to seeing it as ‘happening for you’, with challenges as opportunities for growth.

Energy and Purpose

Reclaim your energy and focus, using them to create solutions rather than reacting to circumstances.

Real Alignment

Align with your purpose internally and see this alignment extend to your teams, clients, and partners.

Meaningful Relationships

Act and communicate from your heart's center, fostering genuine connections, allowing them to thrive.


Hi, Ben Azadi here. I am the founder of Keto Kamp, and I want to complement my business coach, Oswaldo Alvarez, who has done such a phenomenal job of coaching me over the last couple of years. Since I’ve met Oswaldo, I’ve been able to grow my brand, my business, my income and my reach exponentially. Oswaldo teaches me how to take what I might perceive as problems and turn them into opportunities. With Oswaldo’s mentorship, I’ve been able to make connections, sell a business, and grow in ways that I would have never done on my own. I can’t speak highly enough of the masterful mind of Oswaldo. If you are thinking of working with him, it is a no-brainer to me. I want to thank him so much. Keep up the awesome work, my friend.

Jennifer Cruz, Founder & CEO at Eastern Acupuncture & Wellness

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leadership sessions

Empower your team 
to thrive and excel 
with our 
leadership team workshops.

Designed for organizations seeking to 
foster collaboration, enhance communication, and drive collective success, 
our workshops offer 
practical strategies and actionable insights 
to unlock your team's full potential.

Interactive Exercises

Engage in hands-on activities to strengthen team dynamics.

Leadership Development

Develop decision-making, problem-solving, and delegation skills.

Effective Communication

Proven techniques and strategies for healthy conflicts resolution.

Customized Solutions

Tailored content to address your team's unique challenges.

Expert Facilitation

Led by experienced coaches for a supportive learning environment.


Sandra conducted a team building training for our newly formed Executive team. Her ability to read the room is remarkable. Within minutes of commencing the training, she had every member engaged and excited. Even those who were apprehensive at first were sharing stories and ideas eagerly. When the training was over, our team stated they felt peaceful, united and inspired. It was an incredible kickoff to our week, fostering closer relationships and open communication within our fully remote team. I recommend Sandra with 100% confidence and I am looking forward to having her work with our team again next year!!

Pablo Maida, CEO at HOA Books

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Leadership sessions

for and by
Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) 

Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

Our retreats are designed 
to provide an unparalleled experience 
for executives and business leaders 
seeking personal growth, 
professional development, 
and meaningful connections.

Executive-Level Coaching

Get tailored guidance from seasoned professionals.

High-Level Networking

Connect with industry peers for meaningful conversations.

Tailored Workshops

Address unique challenges of today's market.


 Our EO forum recently hired Os to facilitate a day during our annual retreat. We had great communication leading up to our event and Os dug deep to understand our goals. We gave Os full authority over the content and he really delivered.
The result was a deep connection and tons of shifts in awareness. Oswaldo has a beautiful combo of head and heart, intelligence and deep compassion, especially for the Entrepreneur's journey.
Any group looking to create next level results should definitely connect with Os.

Keith O’Brien, CEO at Page.One

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executive sessions

Let’s get started today.


people and engagement

We're dedicated to 
empowering your business. 

We provide 
HR solutions tailored for you.

Employee Engagement

Boost morale and productivity.

Performance Management

Tailored programs for employee performance.

HR Processes

Efficient and compliant operations with policies.

Organizational Culture

Create a positive work environment.

Talent Acquisition

Find, recruit and retain top talent.

Training & Development

Foster growth and skill enhancement in coaching.

HR Planning

Align HR with business goals.

Analytics & Insights

Data-driven decisions for strategic HR planning.

Employee Wellbeing

Support employee health and satisfaction.

Employee Benefits

Leverage employer branding to retain talent.

Let’s get started today.


people and engagement

Science + Art

We use a proven methodology,
inviting deeper self-awareness and empowerment,
for individuals and businesses alike.

Our singular blend of coaching styles 
draws on best practices,
traditional and alternative methods, 
growth frameworks, and meditation.

Your most authentic self isn’t out there, waiting to be found... 

it is inside of you, right now, ready to be unleashed.

With our office, in the heart of Coral Gables

our doors are wide open to all curious minds 
ready to explore their inner worlds 
of infinite possibilities.


individual sessions

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